Thailand – Hat Yai

In August, I decided to take a semester break which consists of 4 months. I wanted to use this time to spend time with family and friends; also, travel to places I’ve loved in the past and to new places. I flew from Vancouver (YVR) to Malaysia, a place I call home. During my stay there I was introduced to my boyfriend whom I now call my best friend, travel buddy, and partner in crime. Prasanth and I aren’t so different when it comes to life goals and traveling was a passion we both shared dearly, so we took it upon ourselves to begin our first trip in Thailand.

We traveled to Thailand three times in the span of two months – Hat Yai, Phuket and Bangkok. Our very first ‘out of the country’ trip was to Hat Yai and it was a spontaneous plan that was made a day before our departure. We took the Alisan Golden Coach bus from BTS station (located in Kuala Lumpur) at 12a.m on the 9th of October. The bus ticket costed RM50 (CAD 14.50) per person (the return ticket had to be purchased at Hat Yai and that was RM 60) and the driver was kind to have stopped every couple of hours for a bathroom/food break. It was an overnight travel which took approximately 8 hours including the wait time at the Thailand border for immigration purposes. 8 hours seems quite long but that’s only because the immigration took forever to process everyone in the morning hours.

We were only there for 2 days 1 night so we tried to maximize our time as much as possible by sightseeing and eating as much food as we could – and no we did not stuff ourselves, we are just capable of eating A LOT! Some people might say that 2 days 1 night wouldn’t be enough and I totally agree. If you ever happen to visit Thailand, please spend at least 1 whole week to experience the different types of foods they have to offer and not to mention the luxurious spa massages at such low rates. My boyfriend and I, however have visited Hat Yai before, and we did not have the luxury of time as he had to get back to work the following weekday.

During our time in Hat Yai, we went to the Songkhla beach, Khlonghae Floating Market and Hat Yai Municipal Park – to view some Buddha statues. Not to mention, we ate the best Thai fried rice accompanied by some delicious and spicy Tom Yam Kung. To finish the night with a bang, we pampered ourselves with a Thai massage which was brutally satisfying in its own ways and we headed to a live music bar to have some beers. I also did not forget to have my mango sticky rice and all the little tidbits Hat Yai – chicken wings, hot dogs, sausages, oyster eggs, and some chicken in skewers – was famous for.

Here are some pictures I’ll forever cherish:

Till next time,


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